Saturday, January 31, 2009

Can't believe Im confessing this

but it's a funny story. While I was pregnant with Cruz, I would wake up most mornings very tired and not having any interest in making breakfast. Oh, I would also be craving a Mc Donald's ice coffee. So lily and I would pile into the car in our PJ's and head to the nearest Mc Donald's drive thru. Every morning the guy in the window would say "Good Morning" and hand me my ice coffee and a Sausage Mcmuffin (probably why I gained 40 pounds with Cruz). Lily would eat the egg and I would eat the rest. One morning I pulled up to the window and heard the usual "Good Morning" but then all of a sudden from the back seat comes a cute little "Good Morning" from a sleepy and hungry little Lily. For awhile after every time we pulled up to a window, no matter what time of day it was she would say "Good Morning". So the moral of my story is.......Mc Donald's is not only fast and convenient but also educational. 

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  1. Hahha, so cute! I'm so happy we're all blogging now! Now we have to remind eachother to keep them updated...I want to see some videos of those cute lil children's on here pronto!