Thursday, April 2, 2009

Loving the outdoors

     I LOVE watching Lily play in the backyard by herself. I open the back door and all the shades and watch her entertain herself while I clean the kitchen or (I'll admit it) check my facebook. Sometimes she digs in her sand box but most of the time she drags her baby dolls and every blanket she can find to the back step and sets up her little bed in the sun. I can only imagine how good it must feel to be curled up on a pile of blankets with the suns rays shining down on her. Sometimes she even falls asleep out there. Every once in awhile she runs in and says "here that mommy, AIRPLANE" or "here that mommy, SOPHIE DOG! Sophie saaad" She says Sophie dog is sad because she howls when she hears a siren. The most beautiful part of it all is her innocence and how sweet it is. Watching her talk to herself or babies and not having a care in the world only that her blankies are curled up just the way she likes them. 


  1. Awe, so sweet. Glad your posting its been a while!! ;)

  2. Hey Momma!! Love your new post, such fun to be a little girl without a care in the world...don't we remember those days! When are we going out? Maybe the weekend after 4th?